New Delhi Declaration

Global Peace Leadership Conference Indo-Pacific
April 11-13, 2023
New Delhi, India






We, the Delegates for the Global Peace Leadership Conference (GPLC) 2023 Indo Pacific, assembled in New Delhi, India on April 11-13, and joining from across the globe, have deliberated on the theme, Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam: Vision for Advancing Human Consciousness and Peace” वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम्  “We are One Family under God.” We affirm the GPLC-2023 outcomes as summarized in the New Delhi Declaration and Action Plan, calling for ongoing programs and activities to build a movement that uplifts human consciousness and peace for achieving the goal of One Earth, One Family and One Future.


Vision Statement


Recognizing that “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam,” a universal ideal affirming that we are one family under God, reflects the aspiration of all people for harmonious and prosperous lives in peace, love, and brotherhood, united for the development of civilization, and that similar expressions of universal values are found in the roots of many cultures such as in Africa (Ubuntu), Indonesia (Pancasila), and Korea (Hongik Ingan);

Affirming that such expressions of our shared humanity and spirituality hold the potential to shape a global ethical framework for peace and prosperity for all people, while addressing today’s many daunting challenges;

Noting that Indian philosophy underscores the concept of unity or oneness in existence, and that this idea of the interconnectedness of human beings, i.e., उदारचरितानां तु वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम्॥ (Udaracaritanam Tu Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam), is now being recognized in G-20, C-20 and other related groups and forums;

Affirming that the concept of “global commons” underscores the essential relationship of humans with nature and among natural systems, and thus that Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, an ideal that unites rather than divides, can serve as the basis of ongoing discussions to promote global cooperation for resolving global problems;

Acknowledging that despite the threat of extremist violence and seemingly intractable political and social divisions, the human family has been transforming into a multicultural identity and emerging as a new global culture and civilization;

Asserting that now is the right time to create and advance peace concepts, humane education, social cohesion, and environmental-ecological balance and conservation in the light of emerging human consciousness that recognizes our essential interconnectedness, an undertaking that requires the entire human family to work on the many challenges in one spirit, with shared values and universal compassion; and further

Recognizing that we urgently need a unifying vision that affirms the self-evident, transcendent truths that define our common humanity, grounded in universal principles that support fundamental human rights and the spiritual and moral essence of all people, and that such principles are practically applied in shared values that guide how we live and relate with each other, as the "glue" that provides social cohesion, whether in a neighbourhood, nation, or global community;

Affirming that such a unifying vision recognizes there is one Source or essence of life, that we are all one family, and further, that it is our moral duty to honour and uplift all in that family, to care for and protect our home on this earth, and to nurture and empower youth as the owners of our collective future, and that these core understandings can be first learned and experienced in the family.


Therefore: we, the undersigned, commit to an Action Plan to uplift human consciousness and peace for achieving the goal of One Earth, One Family and One Future. We propose a movement of moral and innovative leadership highlighting the strength of a united humanity to inspire civil societies to take up the task of healing the world and propagating greater consciousness of shared human welfare, of Creation, and of God.


To Advance Meaningful Action Toward This Goal, We Solemnly Pledge:


  1. To commit ourselves with courage and resolve to forge vibrant and meaningful partnerships and programs for promoting universal social cohesion based on common identity, universal principles, and shared values to overcome ethnic, religious, racial, social, and cultural barriers. To begin this process, a Peace Hubs campaign is being launched along with youth-led Peace Clubs to empower youth leadership and ownership and capacity for this peace-building movement with multi-sector partners.


  1. To engage spiritual leaders, academicians, youth, women and other civil society partners in articulating a global ethical framework and movement based on the vision of one family under God and universal principles as expressed in Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam and similar ideals honoured in ancient civilizations and faith traditions around the world.  


  1. To encourage and inspire faith leaders and others to play a more significant role in educating and encouraging their followers towards a lifestyle of Seva (service) to others, and to further a global peace service corps alliance with youth, women, faith leaders and multi-sectors of civil society with compassion as the driving force in addressing serious challenges of poverty, the environment, and other key priorities included in the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.


  1. To undertake specific university and secondary school Transforming Education initiatives, inculcating in all sectors of society, particularly among the youth, the ethical and moral values of compassion, creativity, integrity, and moral and innovative leadership. These initiatives will include launching a network of LEAP Hub youth leadership and entrepreneurship initiatives with mentorship and access to investors, safe and diverse learning spaces, expanded and positive use of digital technology and other livelihood skills particularly in underdeveloped communities.


  1. To foster partnerships with civil society organizations to create a global coalition working towards a shared vision for peace and prosperity, education, and environmental conservation in furtherance of C20 policy recommendations for the 2023 G20 hosted by India on the theme of “One Earth, One Family, One Future” and “You are the Light.” An ongoing secretariat (civil society facilitation platform) for implementation of C20 initiatives in India and across Indo-Pacific is recommended and together we commit our shared resources and energies to support it through service, action and ongoing civil society partnerships.


  1. To advance these ideals through an Indo-Pacific Leadership Forum, a multi-sector network of leaders, and encourage its implementation starting at the grassroots level of the extended family, communities, and throughout academic and other civic institutions.


  1. To develop and implement strategies to upscale grassroots environmental conservation initiatives across nations, such as Million Tree/Nursery initiatives in Kenya; Green Homes and Smart and Green City-Neighborhood and solid waste initiatives in Nepal; policies addressing desertification in Mongolia; Blue Economy linking preservation of the Oceans together with efforts to preserve the sacred Ganga and all rivers, forests and creatures.


  1. To engage think tank partners to research and analyse best practices and policy recommendations through case studies of service, educational, youth, women and interfaith peace initiatives among partnering civil societies and countries and to share these findings globally. We call on G-20 members to share their experience and knowledge in promoting identical environmental aims and capacity building in other developing nations along with South-South cooperation.